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About LYCA

The Liberian Youth for Climate Actions-LYCA is a non for profit, apolitical, and registered youth-oriented NGO founded on January 31, 2020. LYCA’s sole purpose is to work with youths, communities, and other related NGOs in addressing the issues of climate change and environmental problems in Liberia and Africa at large.

WORK STREAMS - Working Groups

LYCA working groups are teams working on a particular thematic area.
Acceptance in any working group is based on individual expression of
interest. Each working group is coordinated by a coordinator who will
serve as a team lead.
Thematic Areas:

Climate Change

Climate and environmental literacy are more important than ever. Education is key to the fight against climate change. You can’t win a war against your enemy if you don’t know your enemy as your friend. Just as other kinds of literacy allow access to decision – making and participation in democratic processes, environmental and climate literacy¬†

Biological Diversity

” Biodiversity underpins all(…) ecosystem functions and benefits essential to human well – being, not only in term of our economies, but also for our health, food security, prevention of natural hazards, and our cultural root”,

– Ban KO – Monrovia, UN Secretary-General, 2015.

Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Risk Reduction is of major concern to the public and a human rights issue that cannot be ignored. Climate change poses a serious risk to future disasters to come if not reduce. Youth, women, and children are most at risk, especially in Africa. The Sendai Framework for Disaster

Climate Entrepreneurship

The sole purpose is to energize entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs to tackle climate change through innovation and problem-solving. ” A person who sees a problem is a human being. A person who finds a solution is visionary. And the person who goes out and does something is an entrepreneur”.

Youth Inclusion

Africa is the most exposed region to the adverse effects of climate change despite contributing the least to global warming. The region is already disproportionately feeling the impacts related to a changing climate. Devastating cyclones affected 3 million people in Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe in the spring of 2018.

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With one of our programs

World Earth Day

On World Earth Day April 22, 2020. Our Executive Director wrote a poem on behave of LYCA in honor of Mother Earth. The content of the poem was centered around acknowledging Mother Nature for sustaining humanity, apologizing to her for what humanity has done to her, and climaxing with a commitment to Restoring Her. Here’s the link to the poem.

Climate Daily Effects

Climate Daily Effects is a social media platform that shares stories and solutions to the climate crisis in everyday life. It’s an initiative under the Liberian Youth for Climate Actions – LYCA. You can always follow our amazing job via social media:

Facebook handle #ClimateDailyEffects

World Migratory Bird Day

World Migratory Bird Day May 9, 2020. LYCA raised social media awareness on the protection of bird’s habitat and share photos of birds with the theme: Bird Connect Our World. Here’s the link to the press release.

World Environment Day

June 5, 2020, World Environment Day. We hosted a summit under the theme: Stop Deforestation, bringing speakers together from different African countries including South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, and Liberia. Being our first virtual event, we had lots of challenges and low participants about twelve (12) persons all from Liberia.

Climate Daily Effects is an amazing platform as after being featured, I received recommendations from persons in and outside of Nigeria regarding the work I am doing for the Environment. This has also awakened people's passion towards being sensitive to encvronmenental problems and issues. The organization FSDI has gained more recognition concerning the work it's doing and more volunteers are applying to come onboard. The Climate Daily Effect has really helped me personally and the organization gains a leap forward towards reaching more audience and spreading the word for the Environment. Thank you Climate Daily Effect.
Folashade Molade
Female, Nigeria
Climate daily effects have made a significant impact on me after being featured. This platform motivated me to step up for the environment as an activist. Through the climate daily effects, more people follow my work online and in my local has a huge impact on my story to the global community as a young leader. I feel relief when I was published in the climate daily effects, my work and projects were brought to a stoplight and more importantly gained global recognition.
Robert Slewor
Male, Liberia
Being featured in the climate daily effects was such an amazing opportunity and I do not take that for granted, am truly humbled. It made me realize that what I do matters. There are moments where I feel like giving up on different social projects and just focus on what I do. There are times where no one understands what I do and why am doing to the extent where others feel like maybe am being paid by someone to do what I do. To others, it doesn't make sense that one would have passion for voluntary work to the extent of using their own money just to make sure that a certain project has come to pass. It gave me fire to doing more this year. That even if no one else believes in what I do, but if it makes sense to me then I am good to go. Climate daily effects gave me an opportunity to amplify my voice. Reach out to many others and when the story reached out to more than 7000 people I couldn't believe it and I was happy and it was this platform that brought another opportunity.
Female, Malawi