Climate Activist Training Workshop

Liberian Youth for Climate Actions-LYCA

Event Title: Climate Activist Training Workshop.
Location: Gardnersville, Montserrado county, Republic Of Liberia.
Date: May 2021
Duration: Four Weeks
Registration Cost: 1,500 LD


The Liberian Youth For Climate Actions-LYCA has been passionate about spreading awareness and creating platforms for the general public, helping in amplifying the climate messages and taking sustainable actions in solving the climate crisis. LYCA will provide tools and training for motivated Liberian citizens who might be interested in becoming climate activists in their communities. Knowledge about the climate crisis, its impacts, and threats to present and future generations is hugely important to be taught. Liberia is equally vulnerable to the climate crisis as other countries across the globe. We need more proactive activists to stand up for the planet and become solution providers as well as policymakers.

Climate Activist Training includes four days( 3 hours each) of direct training divided into three interactive sessions that cover such topics as effective communication, Introduction to Climate Science, the history and successes of Climate Activism Globally, Personal branding, Power of the Social Media, National and international roles of countries under the Paris agreement, Liberia Nationally Determine Contribution (NDC), Role of a Climate Activist, and the details of climate solutions such as Clean Energy, Climate Restorative Technologies, Climate Education, Tree planting, etc.
Every week an email will be sent with additional resources for reading and researching. This will keep trainees focus on the program. In the conclusion of the program who be activists will complete a mini project in their community before being certified as a Climate Activist.

Activities/Program Breakdown
1) Registration – April 21 – May 10
2)Acceptance message – May 11- May 13
3)Orientation & Start : May 16, 2022
4) Survey Questionnaire on Program Effectiveness
5) Evaluation – Mini project
6) Four interactive Days & Time: May 16, May 23, May 30, and June 7 @ 2pm GMT – 5:30pm GMT.

*Requirement/ Cost
4)presentation tools

* Targeted participants & Population
Environmentalists, Youth leaders, Students, and those interested in climate activism(diverse professions).
We hope to train the first 60 persons. Out of the 60 persons, 15 spaces will be reserved for our members who will pay half of any cost of the program.

-This program will be conducted for one month with four direct interactive days.

*Expected outcome:
1) There will be a certificate awarded to participants as “Trained Climate Activist”.

2) participants will inquire vast knowledge of Climate Activism and other related topics.

3) participants will have a vast knowledge of climate science and the roles of activists.
4) participants will identify environmental/climate-related problems in their communities and find solutions for them through the implementation of a mini-project that will be a benchmark for their certification. This mini-project must be cost-effective/cost-free.

Participants Benefits
1) Feeding
2) Knowledge
3) Note pad & pen
4) Electronic certificate
7) Networking.