Membership Application for Liberian Youth for Climate Actions

You can make a difference

Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a member of the Liberian Youth for Climate Actions! We would like to get to know you better, so we ask that you fill in this form and use it to tell us about yourself. The questionnaire is designed to provide information on all the membership criteria LYCA takes into consideration and the answers should enable the current members of LYCA to judge your application accordingly – we hope you will find it easy to fill in.

Who can join?
LYCA membership is open to all youth between the ages of 12 to 35 residing in and out of Liberia who have an interest in the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are active in, or have a focus on, Climate Change issues.

Seven reasons to join LYCA:

  1. You’re joining one of the leading organizations on Climate Change.
  2. You can link your personal work with LYCA ‘s agenda, ensuring LYCA promotes your work forward.
  3. You can participate in our workshops, training, conferences, and seminars on Climate Actions and Climate Entrepreneurship related topics.
  4. You have access to LYCA email lists. These provide a rich source of information on topics such as Clean Energy, Green Economy, Climate Entrepreneurship, Innovative Voluntarism, and United Nations Climate Action updates.
  5. You support LYCA. This includes communication packages, donations and letters to ministers and Members of the Liberian Legislature.
  6. You can connect with other people working on the same issues and exchange ideas and best practices with them.
  7. You can participate in joint lobby efforts. Have any questions? Contact us via: Email:, WhatsApp: +231776882413, Offline: 0776882413/0880051422, and Facebook: @LYCActions