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Theme: Restore Our Earth: Climate Education the way.


  • Raise awareness about the need for climate education.
  • ClimateFacts Challenge
  • Schools
  • Community
  • Radio
  • Posters
  • Social Media
  • LYCA Network/collaboration


  • Stand4ClimateEducation
  • Use cardboard with facts about climate change.
  • Call community meetings and talk about climate change and solutions.
  • Stand in the city square, near institutions, and malls.


  • LYCA volunteers will go to the primary student and talk to them about climate change.
  • Bring cardboard with uncolored earth and allow children to paint them.
  • Tell a story to them about how others are taking actions like their age group, if possible use video.


  • Facts about climate change
  • Paint on cardboard
  • Put on the walls of Institutions: schools, unis, NGOs
  • Pay for airtime and talk about the importance of climate education and why it’s necessary to be taught in school.
  • Talk about how it can help Liberia achieve her NDC targets.
  • Target most listen to radios like ELBC, ECOWAS Radio, Kool FM, OK FM, Spoon FM, etc.

Social Media

  • Make a video (not an animation) with LYCA members talking about Earth Day & our theme( 3mins)
  • Contact many influencers – mainly climate activities, celebrities & Youth leaders.
  • Try to get as many people involved as possible, not limited to LYCA members.
  • Everyone in LYCA + anyone else waiting to participate would be encouraged to create their own cardboard with a fact of their choice about climate change, and then take a fun picture with the poster + if they are comfortable with it, record a video( 3mins) explaining their fact a little bit. This would be posted on our website, LinkedIn, and Facebook page as either individual posts in the story, or a big video with everyone’s pictures/videos.
    LYCA Network/Collaboration with other Organizations

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  1. Lydia Porkpah

    Let us all continue to work together in promoting sustainability

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